Elżbieta Polak – The Marshal of Lubuskie: Łagów INVITES to taste the world of film

Lubuskie presents:

The best film spaces, different stories, talks on going through emotions and gaining experiences. This is for the forty second time. Łagów INVITES to taste the world of film, to discover the narration in pictures, to TALK.

The feature films, documentaries, short forms from the Central and Eastern  European cinematography, student projects from the film academies from Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic – this is a part of this year array of suggestions among which both the novices and the connoisseurs of the art will find something for them.

This year the organisers offer another formidable journey. The trip to the underwater world of the Lubuskie lakes ! I AM INVITING YOU not only to the world of film, but also TO BEING CLOSE TO LUBUSKIE NATURE. The woods and lakes surrounding the picturesque village allow to relax and go through unforgettable travel in time. LUBUSKIE is really A MAGICAL PLACE. Lubuskie is WORTHWHILE. I wish all the participants of the Lubuskie Film Summer to be strongly impressed, to go through deep reflections and to be involved in constructive discussions.

Elżbieta Polak
The Marshal of Lubuskie

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